Feral Felt



To educate
To teach the fiber arts as a means of creative development
To be an ally in continuing the legacy of fiber arts through working with all ages
To work with Pacific Northwest materials whenever possible
To reduce textile waste and upcycle whenever possible
To create art that warms, beautifies and sustains


Dyeing, Felting, Spinning, Crochet, Knitting, Weaving, Embroidery, and Sewing are all fiber arts. Working with animal, vegetable, and synthetic fibers, these materials are used to create beauty. Whether functional or not, these crafts have a rich history and an exciting future.



Feral Felt began with one woman's journey to rediscover the wild within her self. While traveling for one year through New Zealand, Natalia Robinson rediscovered one of her most important senses, the sense of touch. As she felt her way back into her wild woman ways, she studied weaving with plants, animal fibers, felting, and spinning. Soon she began investing all her time in creative pursuits and teaching. She has continued traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest, Guatemala, Italy, and Mexico. She is always seeking the lost arts of handmade clothing, natural dyeing, felting, weaving and all arts textile related. Eventually, she settled back home in her native state of Washington to ground her wild self. She teaches fiber arts in the public schools, private schools and runs kids camps. In addition, she teaches adult community education courses and at skills gatherings. Feral Felt has now found its home at the Pickford Art Studios in Bellingham,WA. This is where she crafts deliciously beautiful felt, felting kits, and tutors and plans classes. She also runs a separate jewelry and clothing company called Feral Refined @ www.etsy.com/feralrefined